We have the right drive for new installations

SELVE offers an enhanced and complete range of drives for roller shutters and every kind of sun protection. The perfect type of drive will be found forevery application.

The individual types of drives differ from their way of shut-off – either electronic or mechanical - and by individual functions which are especially adjusted to the product and requests of the customers.

  • SE.. (electronic shut-off system)
  • SE..-RC (electronic shut-off system with integrated radio)
  • SP (mechanical shut-off system)

The article description e.g. SEE 2/10-RC is composed of:

  • the type of drive “SEE”
  • the series „2” (from shaft 50/ from shaft with Ø 50mm)
  • the torque „10” (10 Nm)
  • and in this case the addition „-RC” (Radio commeo = radio drive)

Download here an overview of all our drives including applications, functions and specifications:
SELVE Overview of drives (pdf, 277 KB)

As accessories for drives we have adapters for the individual adaptation of the drives to the respective roller shutter, blind or awning shaft, as well as an innumerable quantity of motor brackets, plug-in connecting cables and different mechanical accessories.

In addition, there are some special drives in our range like the „SIS” drive for internal venetian blinds, the electrical strap coiler „RolloLift” and the garage door drive „GDO”.

Drives with electronic shut-off system
Drives with mechanical shut-off system
Special drives