Radio controls

A question of ambition

The future has already started with us: commeo products of SELVE allow a house control at the highest level. Not only the technology with the greatest ease of use and a maximum of functional diversity is convincing, also the design of our handheld transmitters is unique and lies comfortably in your hands.

The bidirectional commeo radio solutions are offering many advantages
  • Feedback of the receiver on the process of the radio signal
  • Easy initial setting and operation by bidirectional communication between transmitter and receiver
  • Larger radio range by targeted forwarding (repeating) of the radio signal if necessary
  • Fail-safe and tap-proof by fast radio protocol and rolling-code procedure
  • Downward compatible: drives and receivers can also process iveo/intronic signals
  • Wired switches connectable: Setting and operation possible by wire
  • Low standby consumption of drives and receivers: < 0,5 W