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SELVE insikter - de senaste nyheterna från oss som får det att hända.

Få dina frågor besvarade av vårt expertteam: SELVE-ledning och säljpersonal kommer att vara redo att uppdatera dig om SELVEs nyckelområden 2021:

  • Hur var 2020 för SELVE, med tanke på de aldrig tidigare skådade omständigheterna?
  • Vad leder SELVE´s väg nu?
  • Vad är så speciellt med SELVE?

SELVE´s höjdpunkter 2021

Vilka nya produkter erbjuder SELVE 2021? Våra produktchefer berättar i denna film.

  • SEE-NHK och MAN Rescue, motorer för nödöppning av motoriserade rulljalusier
  • Den nya commeo Muli Send och SmartHome-systemet
  • Det senaste inom tekniken rulljalusier
  • Information om försäljning och assistans vid montering, online-seminarier, installations videor och program för säljhjälpmedel

MAN Rescue

Nödöppning av motoriserade jalusier med band


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Är en barnlek med commeo SELVE Home


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commeo Multi Send

Den enklaste typen av hemautomation


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Drives for escape and emergency routes

The lifesaver among roller shutter drives

MAN Rescue

Brief info

MAN Rescue is the very latest emergency operating system for motorised roller shutters in the secondary escape and emergency route. Even if there is a power failure, the roller shutter can be pulled up intuitively using the strap. Then a route out is available, in just a few seconds.

As this is a fully mechanical system, it requires no maintenance at all. MAN Rescue can be installed with all electronic SELVE drives.


Flyer MAN Rescue [PDF, 1,3 MB]
Presentation MAN Rescue [PDF, 1,9 MB]


Brief info

The SEE-NHK, an electronic drive with manual emergency hand crank, is used in roller shutters on secondary escape and emergency routes. The transmission ratio of only 13:1 is a new feature, meaning that the roller shutter can be opened extremely quickly – even in the event of a power failure. The electronic shut-off and the compact motor head are other advantages.



Flyer SEE-NHK [PDF, 2,4 MB]
Presentation SEE-NHK [PDF, 1,6 MB]

Discover our full range of drives for almost every application!

Controls for roller shutters and sun protection

For exciting home comfort


Brief info

commeo is the bidirectional radio system from SELVE, offering an infinite variety of applications that make your life easier. Thanks to commeo, it’s easy to set up an automated house control system, in which numerous components can be integrated, including radio drives, radio receivers and sensors. This lets you stay fully flexible, since commeo can be easily extended.


Brochure commeo [PDF, 5,8 MB]
Presentation commeo [PDF, 1,5 MB]
Presentation commeo Multi Send [PDF, 2,4 MB]


Brief info

SELVE Home is the intelligent SmartHome solution from SELVE. It allows all commeo products as well as devices from Homematic IP to be controlled – either via app or via Amazon Alexa. Once it’s been set up, SELVE Home saves residents from hundreds of tasks, every day. And access is possible any time, anywhere, thanks to SELVE Cloud.


Brochure SELVE Home [PDF, 4,0 MB]
Presentation SELVE Home [PDF, 2,0 MB]

Sales support

To provide the best support, every day

SELVE sales promotion

Through SELVE, you can access a wide range of materials to support purchases at the POS. From functional samples and displays, various brochures and roll-ups right through to giveaways, we can provide you with everything you need to sell our products.


Brochure Sales support [PDF, 6,5 MB]

SELVE training programme

We also offer you a comprehensive range of training courses with short online seminars and half-day online training courses on our products and technologies as well as general industry topics. This is how you become a SELVE expert!


A medium-sized family business, SELVE develops and produces drives and controls for roller shutters and textile sun protection as well as roller shutter components that are “Made in Germany”. SELVE delivers customer-oriented, convenient and energy-saving solutions that make customers’ lives easier, every day. SELVE is the world market leader in the field of roller shutter strap coilers. The exhibition highlights at R+T digital include MAN Rescue, the emergency operating system for roller shutters, the intelligent SmartHome system SELVE Home as well as commeo, “probably the easiest radio system in the world”.

Discover what’s new in and about our company in the very latest issue of our customer magazine „SELVE#aktuell“:

SELVE#aktuell No. 89, 01/2021 [PDF, 1,6 MB]

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