Why sun protection?

1000 good reasons

Safety and burglary protection

Smart controls and solid roller shutter components let burglars become desperate and make your home safer. So that you can sleep peacefully.

The automation of roller shutters is an effective step towards more security in your own home. A roller shutter drive in connection with a timer automatically closes the roller shutter on request at nightfall – the astro function or the twilight sensor make it possible. Closed roller shutters are an additional obstacle for potential burglars. When burglar-proof fixations are installed additionally, a lifting of the roller shutters is no longer possible, which increases the burglary protection even more.

Glass breakage sensors detect vibrations at the window and close the roller shutter immediately in case of an attempted burglary.

Automatically moved sun protection simulates presence even when the residents are not at home. This reduces the risk of burglary significantly.

Clever energy saving

The use of appropriate automation technology reduces your energy consumption significantly. Investments that pay off!

As a contribution to climate protection and due to current energy prices, everyone wants to avoid unnecessary energy consumption. Through the consistent use of roller shutter drives in combination with smart controls, energy savings of up to 30% can be achieved.

In winter, the solar energy should be used during the day to save heating costs, at night the closed roller shutters are an additional insulating layer in front of the window and reduce energy losses.

In summer it is advisable to move the sun protection, depending on the position of the sun, into the shading position to prevent the heating of the rooms and to protect e.g. the furniture from sun light. A light sensor will do this every day and automatically.

Absolutely comfortable

Clever automation solutions with radio drives and radio controls from SELVE increase the quality of life. You concentrate on the essentials!

Control the complete sun protection in your house comfortably from your couch – via radio hand-held transmitter or smartphone – such comfort can nowadays easily be implemented.

It is even more convenient: automatic commands move the roller shutters at sophisticated moving times, easily realizable with the astro function in dependence of the position of the sun or via brightness sensor. Also individual living scenarios can be executed automatically or with the touch of a button. The sun protection assistant controls the sun protection almost unnoticed.

A wind, sun and rain sensor controls an awning or a venetian blind depending on the sun radiation and additionally protects the system from wind and weather – e.g. from damage caused by the forces of nature. An upcoming storm is recognized in time so that the awning is retracted for protection.

In good hands with SELVE

If new construction or renovation, there is no alternative to SELVE - we have “everything for the roller shutter and the sun protection”! Next to drives and controls for all conceivable fields of application, we have the world’s widest product range of mechanical components for roller shutters.

We attach great importance to “Made in Germany” SELVE develops and produces almost everything by itself. That is the only way that we literally have the quality of our products in our own hands. We are committed to ensure that our products remain affordable: Thanks to lean processes and very modern production methods, we are able to offer fair prices.

If you prefer a specialist company locally including installation, please contact us by using the form. We will tell you the name of a SELVE partner in your area.

What kind of sun protection?

Turn light into shadow

Roller shutters

The classic among the shading options.

  • Operation with strap, crank handle or roller shutter drive
  • Various materials ( PVC, aluminium, wood )
  • Design element on the facade
  • Brings extra security / burglary protection
  • Additional insulating layer supports energy savings
  • Convincing functionality for new construction or renovation

SELVE produces coilers, crank gears and a variety of (radio) drives with functions especially for roller shutters (SEE, SE Pro, SP)

Folding arm awning

Textile sun protection on terrace and balcony

  • Operation with electrical awning drive is usual
  • Open and closed version is possible
  • Infinite variety of shapes and colours
  • With integrated lightning or also radiant heaters

In the SELVE product range you can find special (radio) awning drives (SEM Plus, SE Plus) as well as corresponding sun and wind sensors.

Vertical awning, conservatory shading

Textile sun protection in front of the window.

  • Operation almost always with electrical drives
  • Semitransparent fabrics in many colours
  • Screen or drop arm awning: vertical fabric hanging on the outside
  • Zip-screen: laterally guided fabric for high wind stability
  • Interior blind: vertical interior shading
  • Conservatory shading: Protection against heating of the conservatory

SELVE has a special drive for every single application ( SE Plus, SEZ, SEM Plus, SP)

Venetian Blinds

The filigree alternative to roller shutters

  • Operation almost always with special venetian blind drives
  • Light control through adjustable slats
  • Special design element on the facade
  • Use mostly at large glass surfaces

Venetian blinds can be integrated into the home control with commeo-radio by radio receivers from SELVE.

Which extension level?

Individual wishes

Basic – coiler or crank gear

Even in times of increasing automation and digitalization, many builders and end users still rely on long-established basic solutions: if by roller shutter strap or crank handle – muscle power is required when using this mechanical operation method of sun protection. The optimal price performance of our corresponding SELVE products ensures that still thousands of roller shutters are installed with strap or crank handle operation daily.

SELVE offers a wide range of strap and cord coilers for the surface installation and flush-mounted installation.

Comfort basic – electrical drive with switch

An electrically driven sun protection of this extension level is operated exclusively manually via a switch or push button, however, the drive will take over the raising and lowering of the roller shutter – and therefore does the mechanical work. The operation can only be done locally and there are no automatic movement commands.

Sun protection drives and switches are available from SELVE – there is a suitable drive for every system in the product range.

Comfort automation – drive with timer (single operation)

This is the first step towards automation of roller shutters and sun protection systems. Even in absence movement commands will be executed and the active control of the sun protection is only necessary in exceptional cases. A thought out setting of the control options can often remain unchanged for many years and relieves the user as the daily manual operation of the sun protection has not to be done.

The timers “Smarttimer Plus” or “Selvetimer Plus” are excellently suitable for the automatic control of the sun protection.

Premium – radio drive with timer (single; group and central control)

The control via radio is always a very reasonable solution, if in new construction or renovation case. Without additional wiring, comfortable group and central controls can easily be realized. Through wall or hand-held transmitters single blinds can also be controlled individually. Additionally the group control of individual rooms, floors or the entire house is possible – any time at your own request by pressing a button on the hand-held transmitter or by itself by automatic command. With just a little expense a complete house control can be realized easily and conveniently.

With our hand-held transmitter “commeo Multi Send“ a complete house automation can be set which leaves nothing to be desired.

The transmitter has 20 channels and 10 timers. A free configuration tool allows the initial setting on a PC or laptop.

High-end – SmartHome building control

The new “commeo Home Server” opens completely new possibilities of house automation. From everywhere in the world the local roller shutters, awnings, screens and venetian blinds can be controlled. Via smartphone-app the sun protection system will be moved very easily and intuitively by WIFI, from the café, from work or from your vacation. Also light or other electrical devices can be integrated into the house automation.

The initial setting of the commeo Home Server is done conveniently and clearly on the PC or laptop. Next to the combination of several receivers into groups and the setting of timers, so called scenarios can also be set e.g. the scenario TV. The roller shutters in the living room will be moved into the intermediate position, the floor lamp is switched on and the radio is switched off.


Sustainable Solutions

Firmly rooted

Innovation is a tradition.

For more than 150 years in the market and since generations in family hands: That is SELVE. This unique company history influences our company until today. We are not only firmly connected to our location in Lüdenscheid but also to SELVE typical values like down-to-earthness, reliability and consistency. The basis for our success was, is and remains an always ongoing development process which is guaranteed by the big potential of our for many years experienced employees. Exactly this is our great strength.

With innovative, beneficial products and concepts we, as a relevant pioneer, have an active part in the roller shutter and sun shading industry.

We offer our customers thought-through, versatile solutions, which enable new applications, increase comfort and security and thereby help to save energy. SELVE stands for installation-friendly technology that moves and stands at the same time for the most consistent product range in the market. Everything from one source: from roller shutter components to powerful drives as well as bidirectional controls and innovations all around “smart home”. We have the optimal suitable product solution for every kind of application.

Very close

We build on good partnerships.

The trust of our professional customers in technology, performance and service of SELVE is what is important for us. Therefore we target to meet your requirements on a great proximity to the market, high product quality, extremely fast delivery times and short decision paths.

With innovative technology and various SELVE-trainings we are preparing our specialist partners for the future.

As a medium-sized company, flexibility and comprehensive customer consulting are our huge plus. The cooperative support of our customers is most important for us. This is guaranteed by a sales team of 30 employees. From family homes to large projects – we are always available for our customers with professional advice and service. Solid support in selecting the right product will also be provided by our team of engineers in the technical sales consulting. As connection between the sales and development departments, our product managers are experienced contact persons for customer specific requests and solutions.

Extremely productive

We work for your success.

Only those who continue to develop remain successful. As a medium-sized family-owned company we continuously work on our comprehensive product range in order to stay ahead in the market.

Innovation is our motivation: this is what our 230 qualified SELVE employees support actively.

By regular investments in our ultra modern manufacturing – at the headquarter in Lüdenscheid as well as the subsidiary plant in Bad Arolsen – we provide efficient processes according to “lean production” and ensure that “Made in Germany” remains affordable. Our product range will continuously be modified and complemented by new developments. Thanks to our development department that already designs products today for tomorrow. We also keep an eye on the future as an employer and permanently train our own staff.

In addition SELVE has a department with disabled workers that is firmly integrated.

Excellently positioned

Only we have this range.

The complete range: What SELVE offers from one source is unique on the market. The brand awareness of the trademark SELVE has grown for decades as well as the comprehensive portfolio. SELVE is the full-range supplier and has the sectors most consistent range with more than 5.200 products.

We are global leader for roller shutter components and are also known for innovative drive as well as control technology. Our spectrum ranges from strap coilers, caps for tubes and octagonal shafts to bidirectional radio drives up to internet-based house automation. As diverse as it is, one thing stays the same: We offer optimal solutions, create new functions and make the assembly easier. We invest consequently in the development of new products. Also this has a long tradition at SELVE. As a result, many new products like the very modern radio system „commeo“ fulfil all customer requirements.

Benefit providing

Our technology makes life easier.

There are many applications that make the daily life easier and improve the living comfort: for example moving the sun protection via push-button while relaxing on the couch, roller shutters that close automatically at twilight or simulate presence while you are on vacation, awnings that retract automatically in case of increasing wind or the complete sun protection system at home that is controlled and moved via app.

All this can be made possible by SELVE products – either by a simple roller shutter component or by a complexe house automation system. The products provide a better quality of life, help saving energy and improve the safety of your home. For all products it is important for us to provide benefits and to fascinate the professional user by mounting advantages. Whether it relates to the mounting of a burglar-proof fixation, the installation of a drive or the setting of a hand-held transmitter into operation – innovative technology must be self-explaining and easy to install.

Where to buy

You are an end consumer and want to buy SELVE products?

A good choice! We would be happy to help you directly - however, SELVE only sells the products exclusively to specialist partners and commercial resellers. Please contact us via the contact form and we will send you information about a SELVE specialist partner in your area. There you can get advice about the applications of SELVE products and buy SELVE products.

Anyway, we look forward to you choosing SELVE products.