SEM Plus

Awning drive

The drive especially for folding arm awnings

The SEM Plus drive is exactly adapted to the specificities of folding arm awnings. Depending on the requirement the awning will be tightly closed or a short release will be executed. A with time arising fabric extension will be recognized and compensated. The parallel connection of several SEM Plus drives is possible. After setting the end limit positions an automatic rotation detection will occur. Drives are available in series 2 (from shaft with Ø 50 mm) and series 3 (from shaft with Ø 70 mm). SEM Plus drives are dispatched without adapters. The adapters and the plug-in connecting cables for series 2 drives need to be ordered separately.

  • Tight closing of the cassette of a closed folding arm awning
  • Relief of the upper end limit position of an opened folding arm awning
  • No readjustment in case of fabric extension necessary