i‑R Light Sensor

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Product description

radio light sensor

The unidirectional radio Light Sensor moves the roller shutters in dependence of solar radiation and nightly twilight. The i‑R Light Sensor will be fixed with a suction cup inside at the window pane. Vibrations of the window pane is detected by an integrated glass breakage sensor. A manual control of the roller shutter using the i‑R Light Sensor is also possible.

Product advantages
  • Sun protection by automatic moving of the roller shutters to the set intermediate position or to the position of the i‑R Light Sensor at sun radiation.
  • Automatic nightly closing of the roller shutters due to twilight function
  • Closing of the roller shutter at vibrations of the window pane by glass breakage sensor
  • Manual operation and switching off the i‑R Light Sensor is possible at the sensor
  • Trouble‑free control due to digital radio technology