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Have your questions answered by our expert team: SELVE management and sales staff will be on hand to update you on SELVE’s key areas in 2021:

  • How was 2020 for SELVE, given the unprecedented circumstances?
  • What is SELVE’s path now?
  • What’s so special about SELVE?

SELVE 2021 product highlights

What new products does SELVE have to offer for 2021? Our product managers have the answer – and tell us about their personal highlights:

  • SEE-NHK and MAN Rescue, products for emergency opening of motorised roller shutters
  • The new commeo Multi Send and the SELVE Home SmartHome system
  • The latest in roller shutter technology
  • Information on sales and assistance with assembly, such as online seminars, explanatory videos and the sales promotion programme

MAN Rescue

emergency opening of motorised shutters with straps


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Child’s play

SmartHome with commeo and SELVE Home


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commeo Multi Send

The simplest way to automate your home


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Sustainable Solutions

Firmly rooted

Innovation is a tradition.

For more than 150 years in the market and since generations in family hands: That is SELVE. This unique company history influences our company until today. We are not only firmly connected to our location in Lüdenscheid but also to SELVE typical values like down-to-earthness, reliability and consistency. The basis for our success was, is and remains an always ongoing development process which is guaranteed by the big potential of our for many years experienced employees. Exactly this is our great strength.

With innovative, beneficial products and concepts we, as a relevant pioneer, have an active part in the roller shutter and sun shading industry.

We offer our customers thought-through, versatile solutions, which enable new applications, increase comfort and security and thereby help to save energy. SELVE stands for installation-friendly technology that moves and stands at the same time for the most consistent product range in the market. Everything from one source: from roller shutter components to powerful drives as well as bidirectional controls and innovations all around “smart home”. We have the optimal suitable product solution for every kind of application.

Very close

We build on good partnerships.

The trust of our professional customers in technology, performance and service of SELVE is what is important for us. Therefore we target to meet your requirements on a great proximity to the market, high product quality, extremely fast delivery times and short decision paths.

With innovative technology and various SELVE-trainings we are preparing our specialist partners for the future.

As a medium-sized company, flexibility and comprehensive customer consulting are our huge plus. The cooperative support of our customers is most important for us. This is guaranteed by a sales team of 30 employees. From family homes to large projects – we are always available for our customers with professional advice and service. Solid support in selecting the right product will also be provided by our team of engineers in the technical sales consulting. As connection between the sales and development departments, our product managers are experienced contact persons for customer specific requests and solutions.

Extremely productive

We work for your success.

Only those who continue to develop remain successful. As a medium-sized family-owned company we continuously work on our comprehensive product range in order to stay ahead in the market.

Innovation is our motivation: this is what our 230 qualified SELVE employees support actively.

By regular investments in our ultra modern manufacturing – at the headquarter in Lüdenscheid as well as the subsidiary plant in Bad Arolsen – we provide efficient processes according to “lean production” and ensure that “Made in Germany” remains affordable. Our product range will continuously be modified and complemented by new developments. Thanks to our development department that already designs products today for tomorrow. We also keep an eye on the future as an employer and permanently train our own staff.

In addition SELVE has a department with disabled workers that is firmly integrated.

Excellently positioned

Only we have this range.

The complete range: What SELVE offers from one source is unique on the market. The brand awareness of the trademark SELVE has grown for decades as well as the comprehensive portfolio. SELVE is the full-range supplier and has the sectors most consistent range with more than 5.200 products.

We are global leader for roller shutter components and are also known for innovative drive as well as control technology. Our spectrum ranges from strap coilers, caps for tubes and octagonal shafts to bidirectional radio drives up to internet-based house automation. As diverse as it is, one thing stays the same: We offer optimal solutions, create new functions and make the assembly easier. We invest consequently in the development of new products. Also this has a long tradition at SELVE. As a result, many new products like the very modern radio system „commeo“ fulfil all customer requirements.

Benefit providing

Our technology makes life easier.

There are many applications that make the daily life easier and improve the living comfort: for example moving the sun protection via push-button while relaxing on the couch, roller shutters that close automatically at twilight or simulate presence while you are on vacation, awnings that retract automatically in case of increasing wind or the complete sun protection system at home that is controlled and moved via app.

All this can be made possible by SELVE products – either by a simple roller shutter component or by a complexe house automation system. The products provide a better quality of life, help saving energy and improve the safety of your home. For all products it is important for us to provide benefits and to fascinate the professional user by mounting advantages. Whether it relates to the mounting of a burglar-proof fixation, the installation of a drive or the setting of a hand-held transmitter into operation – innovative technology must be self-explaining and easy to install.


We have the right drive for new installations

SELVE offers an enhanced and complete range of drives for roller shutters and every kind of sun protection. The perfect type of drive will be found forevery application.

The individual types of drives differ from their way of shut-off – either electronic or mechanical - and by individual functions which are especially adjusted to the product and requests of the customers.

  • SE.. (electronic shut-off system)
  • SE..-RC (electronic shut-off system with integrated radio)
  • SP (mechanical shut-off system)

The article description e.g. SEE 2/10-RC is composed of:

  • the type of drive “SEE”
  • the series „2” (from shaft 50/ from shaft with Ø 50mm)
  • the torque „10” (10 Nm)
  • and in this case the addition „-RC” (Radio commeo = radio drive)

Download here an overview of all our drives including applications, functions and specifications:
SELVE Overview of drives (pdf, 277 KB)

As accessories for drives we have adapters for the individual adaptation of the drives to the respective roller shutter, blind or awning shaft, as well as an innumerable quantity of motor brackets, plug-in connecting cables and different mechanical accessories.

In addition, there are some special drives in our range like the „SIS” drive for internal venetian blinds, the electrical strap coiler „RolloLift” and the garage door drive „GDO”.

Drives with electronic shut-off system
Drives with mechanical shut-off system
Special drives


The future has already begun

We make things move – and the user does not have to move by himself: for the control of different drives and receivers in one house or object SELVE offers various products, either in wireless or wired versions.

Above all, the highlight is our bidirectional radio system “commeo”. This modern radio standards generation from SELVE combines easy initial setting, high comfort in operation and highest security. Due to the feedback of the system the user can control everything and has everything in view in real time. The product range of the commeo controls includes products for the time and house automation, hand-held and wall transmitters, receivers as well as sensors.

Unlimited possibilities - with the different configuration levels of the commeo radio system from SELVE

Also the for many years proven components of the unidirectional iveo/intronic-radio radio system are still in our product range.

The control range of SELVE is completed by various wired control products. Next to intronic group and individual controls, the known and proven timers Smarttimer Plus and Selvetimer Plus as well as cut-off relays and different switches / push buttons are available. Many other control components are complementing our product range perfectly.

radio controls
radio controls

Components for roller shutters

Be on the safe side with Selve components

In use for many years and continuously refined – these are the mechanical roller shutter components from SELVE. From the SELVE octagonal shaft to the world-famous SELVE coilers and caps, ball bearings, strap guides and gears up to individual tube couplers – the product range leaves nothing to be desired.

As global leader in the sector of roller shutter components we are offering the most complete range: Products for Mini or build-in systems, especially for front mounted, top mounted and build-in system boxes, for surface-mounted or flush-mounted, standard or individual special solutions – SELVE offers a perfectly suitable and professional solution for every assembly situation.

With roller shutter parts from SELVE you are always on the safe side.