Drive production

Fast, lean and extremely efficient

We rely on innovative production processes.

As part of the project “lean production” we already reshaped the motor production department completely according to lean principles in 2011. In addition to a self-controlling production, productivity could be increased and the quality could be improved again.

Every drive can be mounted in the “one-piece-flow-method” from A-Z. Tube, gear, motor package and the mechanical or electronical end limit switch system will be put together as a finished drive within a little more than just one minute. At the end of the production, every drive still passes a 100% inspection in which all features relevant for safety and function will be checked carefully.

Further product areas

Leading technologically the market

  • Production of >20,000 strap coilers per day
  • Interlinked automatic production machines ensure reproducible quality
  • SELVE is the world market leader in the field of "strap

Modern machines for modern products

  • 26 state-of-the-art plastic injection moulding machines
  • Automatic granulate feeding and use of robots on every machine
  • Own tool shop for short reaction times

Continuous quality

  • roduction of >4 million metres of octagonal shafts per year
  • Powerful profiling lines: 40 meters per minute
  • Broad product range: AF 40 / 50 / 60 / 70 in different dimensions