commeo radio system – exciting home comfort

We call it “the simplest radio system in the world” – and rightly so, because commeo isn’t just easy to operate, it’s also easy to install. Thanks to commeo, you can conveniently control your shutters, awnings, screens and Venetian blinds, either at the touch of a button or fully automatically. You can even equip your system with sensors, so that your shutters can be actuated automatically depending on the current weather.

For even greater convenience, commeo can be extended with the SELVE Home SmartHome system. Then selected devices from Homematic IP can be integrated and everything can be conveniently controlled with Amazon Alexa. Get excited!

Five good reasons to choose radio

Home comfort

Actuate your roller shutters conveniently, at the touch of a button. Or let the system be automatically controlled, depending on the time, light or weather.


When darkness falls, the shutters close automatically and presence simulation makes your home look occupied even when you are away.


A light sensor automatically closes your roller shutters if there is sunlight; sensors protect awnings against damage if it’s windy.

Save energy

Automatic radio control lowers heating costs in winter and ensures comfortable ambient temperatures in summer.


In the commeo world, things are always flexible. That’s because all components as well as the all-encompassing SELVE Home SmartHome solution are easy to retrofit.


Child’s play – SmartHome with commeo and SELVE Home

SmartHomes made easy. Discover SELVE Home via video!

SELVE Home is the intelligent SmartHome system by SELVE. It’s not just Marie who thinks it’s great! Thanks to the SELVE Home Server 2, the SELVE radio systems commeo, iveo and intronic can be controlled via app and Amazon Alexa. Likewise, it’s also possible to connect selected Homeatic IP devices, meaning that heating, lighting and a range of sensors can also be integrated.

Three levels – ensuring the right solution for every requirement

Level 1:
Manual control

Perfect if you want to manually control your sun protection.

Level 2:
Automatic control

Experience even more comfort and security, thanks to automated control – based on timers or sensors.

Level 3:
SmartHome control

Why just control your roller shutters and sun protection? Why not automate your lighting, heating and much more? It’s easy via an app or Alexa voice control.

commeo components

Set up your commeo radio system to meet your unique wishes and needs. Equip your roller shutters with SELVE radio motors – or simply retrofit radio receivers for wired drives from SELVE or other manufacturers. Choose between transmitters for automated and manual control and complete your own personal radio system with weather sensors.

Installation is possible in the entire house in one step or you can expand your commeo system bit by bit – commeo is as flexible as your requirements.

SmartHome control

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