Zip-screen drive

The drive especially for Zip-screens

The protection of high-quality Zip-screens is what the SEZ drive focuses on. Many clever functions were combined in this drive so that for example briefly occurring wind gusts can be distinguished from real obstacles. SEZ drives are available with different motor head shapes and different basic crown diameters. The parallel connection of several SEZ drives is possible. After setting the end limit positions an automatic rotation detection will occur. Drives are available in series 1 (from shaft with Ø 40 mm) and series 2 (from shaft with Ø 50 mm). SEZ drives are dispatched without adapters. The adapters and the plug-in connecting cables for series 2 drives need to be ordered separately.

Due to the different motor head shapes and the basic crown diameters for series 2 drives, a consultation regarding the suitable type and the correct article number has to be made before ordering SEZ drives.

  • Automatic setting of the end limit positions: up-down-ready!
  • Sensible obstacle detection in the downwards direction
  • “Reverse function”: Running against the obstacle three times
  • Detection of wind gusts in upwards direction, freeze up protection
  • Soft approach against the roller shutter box
  • Minimal relief of the upper end limit position
  • Guarantees safe retracting in case of wind alarm and central motion commands