Roller shutter drive

The roller shutter drive with „E“ like easy

This plug & play drive for roller shutters combines simple end limit setting, maximum system protection and the tight closing of the shutters. The drive SEE only has to be connected – it does not matter which end limit is approached first. After 3 learning cycles both end limit positions are approached smoothly and an optimal obstacle and overload detection is guaranteed.

SEE drives must be installed with blocking springs or burglar-proof fixations.

The drive is of course also available in the radio version SEE-RC in series 2 (from shaft with ∅ 50 mm).

  • Plug & Play setting of end limits – sequence does not matter!
  • Obstacle detection in downward direction
  • “Reverse function”: Release of the obstacle
  • Learning overload protection in upwards direction, freeze up protection
  • Soft approach against the roller shutter box
  • Relief of the upper end limit position
  • Burglary resistant due to installation with burglar-proof fixations