SE Plus

Universal drive

The universal drive for many applications

Regardless of whether you have roller shutters, folding arm awnings, screens, winter garden shading or interior blinds - the SE Plus drive is the all-rounder among the drives.
All standard advantages of SELVE drives with electronic shut-off system can be found in this drive type. The parallel connection of several SE Plus drives is possible. After setting the end limit positions an automatic rotation detection will occur. Drives are available in series 1 (from shaft 40, shaft with Ø 40mm) and series 2 (from shaft 50, shaft with Ø 50mm) and series 3 (from shaft 70, shaft with Ø 70 mm). SE Plus drives of series 1 (shaft 40) and series 3 (shaft 70) are delivered with adapters as standard. For drives of series 2 the adapters and the plug-in connecting cables need to be ordered separately.

  • Setting of the end limits “point to upper end limit” or “point to point”
  • No upper end limit necessary at exact positioned shut-off
  • Learning overload protection in upwards direction, freeze up protection
  • Relief of the upper end limit position
  • Suitable for many types of products