MAN Rescue

Emergency operating system for motorised roller shutters with straps

Product description

MAN Rescue is used in roller shutters in secondary escape and emergency routes as an emergency means of operating motorised roller shutters. If the primary escape and emergency route (e.g. stairs, hallway) is impassable due to smoke or fire, the roller shutter in the secondary escape and emergency route can be opened rapidly and intuitively with a strap, leaving the way out clear, even in the event of a power failure.

With MAN Rescue, the SELVE roller shutter drives SE Pro, SEE and SE Plus can be combined, so there’s no need to go without the usual ease of an electronic drive. MAN Rescue can be installed in front-mounted, top-mounted and build-in roller shutter elements and replaces a standard drive bracket.


  • Speed: Fastest possible way to open a roller shutter in the secondary escape and emergency route
  • Intuitive operation: Roller shutter operation by strap is generally familiar, meaning operation is self-explanatory and intuitive
  • Continuity: The same drive type can be used throughout a building – individual roller shutters are also equipped with MAN Rescue
  • Unobtrusive control element: No coiler is constantly visible, just a slim (10 mm) webbing strap
  • Easy assembly: No additional electrical installation or special knowledge required
  • Maintenance-free: Purely mechanical system, so no maintenance work needed as per battery-operated emergency systems


MAN Rescue – emergency opening of motorised shutters with straps

The video reveals the benefits of the new MAN Rescue emergency opening system – and how it works.

MAN Rescue - area of application, installation and operating principle

The video shows the range of application as well as the functions of the MAN Rescue emergency operating system - from installation in the roller shutter box and fastening of the belt to the test run and resetting to the operating state.

How does MAN Rescue work?

Instead of a conventional drive bracket, MAN Rescue is used with an electronic SELVE roller drive, the SE Pro, SEE or SE PlusThe roller shutter motor can therefore be operated electronically with a switch in the usual way, but MAN Rescue also enables manual emergency opening of the roller shutter with the strap.

Roller shutter operation with a strap mechanism is generally familiar, meaning operation is self-explanatory and intuitive.

The strap for emergency operation, which is only 10 mm wide, is attached to the window frame or wall with a clip at operating height. MAN Rescue can be installed in all types of roller shutter boxes, in new buildings as well as during renovation.

After an emergency operation, it is easy for the user to reset to normal operation.

Technical details

DimensionsØ 156 mm, width 23 mm
Suitable SELVE drive typesSE Pro, SEE, SE Plus
Strap width10 mm
Permissible tensile force on the roller shutter belt (acc. to EN 13695, § N
Permissible torque of the drive10 Nm
Permissible roller shutter size (with SW 60, width x height)1,20 x 2,30 m
Maximum number of revolutions for emergency operation7,5
Number of slip rings4
Cable typeH05RR-F4G0.75
Cable length2,5 m
Strap opening15 mm wide
Protection classIP X4


Flyer MAN RescuePDF,  1,3 MB