commeo Receive, commeo Receive Connect,
commeo Adapter Plug (iveo‑compartible)

Radio controls commeo

Product description

commeo Receive
The commeo Receive controls wired drives, either roller shutters, awnings or blinds. Alternatively other electrical consumers can also be controlled by the commeo Receive.

The commeo Receive has extension inputs to connect a switch or push button.

commeo Receive Connect
radio transmitter with Hirschmann plug / coupling

The commeo Receive Connect with Hirschmann connection was developed for the use in blind and awning installations. The connection of the drive and the power supply can easily be made by a plug connection with the Hirschmann plug / coupling (STAS 3 / STAK 3)

commeo Adapter Plug
radio receiver for Schuko socket

The radio socket adapter commeo Adapter Plug is designed to switch electrical devices with mains plugs. It can be controlled by every commeo or iveo transmitter. The manual switching on will be made by the UP button and the switching off by the STOP or DOWN button of a programmed transmitter. The commeo Adapter Plug can be automatically switched on and off by programmed transmitters with timers, e.g. commeo Multi Send.

Product advantages

commeo Receive / commeo Receive Connect


  • Easy, retrospective programming – it is also possible when the executing device is already installed.
  • Versatile use by adjustable receiver application.
  • Automatic direction assignment after setting the runtime.
  • Intermediate position can be reached from every position
  • Installation in the flush‑mounted box or damp‑proof box
  • Extensions for the local or central operation
  • Low standby usage with < 0,5 W
Product advantages

commeo Adapter Plug


  • Easy installation and retrofitting into an existing socket.
  • Button for the local operation
  • Manual and automatic switching on and off of an electrical device
  • Compatible with commeo and iveo radio transmitters
  • Low standby usage with < 0,5 W