commeo Multi Send

commeo radio controls

Product description

Radio hand-held transmitter, 20 channels with timers, traffic white colour.

Bidirectional 20 channel hand-held transmitter with 10 timers, wall fixing included. Feedback if a command has been executed correctly on large, illuminated display. Comfortable programming possible via configuration tool for PC and Mac (free of charge).

Product advantages

  • 20 channels, 9 groups and 1 central group, one timer per group
  • Free group formation
  • Free naming of receivers, channels and groups
  • Textual operation guidance by illuminated Dot-Matrix display
  • Optical feedback of the receiver
  • Setting of individual sensor parameters in the receivers
  • Extended sensor parameters as e.g. selection of the light sensor or setting of the twilight parameter
  • Indication of the sensor measured values in the display by settable sensor visualization
  • Astro program, individual program, holiday program
  • Summer / winter time adjustment can be deactivated
  • Manual operation is possible at any time
  • Configuration tool by USB connection for the computer or Mac at:

Product video

SELVE explains: Initial setting of several SELVE radio drives with the hand-held transmitter commeo Multi Send

The roller shutter drive SE Pro-RC combines the easy initial setting with functions that protect the roller shutter system and increase the service life of the roller shutter construction.

How fast and simple the initial setting of several SE Pro-RC successively with one commeo Multi Send is, will be shown in this explanation video.

Technical data

Dimensions42 x 169 x 20 mm
Operating voltage3 V DC
Battery2 x AAA
Protection classIP 20
Permitted ambient temp.0°C - +55°C
Assemblywall fixing
Frequency868 MHz