commeo Multi Send

The simplest way to automate your home

Product description

The Multi Send handheld transmitter is the central point for complete home control. The 20 channels and 10 groups are usually enough to fully automate an entire house. Each channel and group is given a unique name. Feedback from the radio system is shown on the illuminated display.

It is also possible to upgrade to a premium version, in order to gain even more functionality in one device; for example, controlling 32 channels and 16 groups. The transmitter fits well in your hand and features a modern, timeless design.

commeo Multi Send – basic version

  • 20 channels and 10 groups, each with a timer display. For each timer, two switching times with different target positions can be set
  • Large, illuminated display
  • Form groups freely and name devices, channels and groups
  • Set individual sensor parameters in the devices
  • Individual programs: Switching times correspond to your desired schedule
  • Astro program: Switching times correspond to sunrise and sunset
  • Holiday program: Simulate presence; the roller shutters move +/- 15 min. of the set switching time
  • Easy programming with the commeo Multi Send ConfigTool via a USB connection for PC and Mac

commeo Multi Send – premium version

To get even more out of the commeo Multi Send, a paid software upgrade can be purchased.

In addition to the functions of the basic version, the following features are available:

  • 32 channels and 16 groups, each with a timer display. For each timer, four switching times with different target positions can be set
  • Time off and holiday schedules: set special switching times for holidays and time off
  • Depict the current position of each individual shutter as well as visually display any obstacles

Product videos

commeo Multi Send – the simplest way to automate your home

Via video, discover the many possibilities offered by the commeo Multi Send– as well as the option to upgrade to the premium version – and just how easy it is to configure.

SELVE explains: Initial setting of several SELVE radio drives with the hand-held transmitter commeo Multi Send

The roller shutter drive SE Pro-RC combines the easy initial setting with functions that protect the roller shutter system and increase the service life of the roller shutter construction.

How fast and simple the initial setting of several SE Pro-RC successively with one commeo Multi Send is, will be shown in this explanation video.

commeo Multi Send KonfigTool

Clearly and conveniently set your commeo Multi Send using the commeo Multi Send ConfigTool.

  • For PC and Mac
  • Free of charge
  • Optimised menu navigation
  • New auto teach-in function

Technical details

Dimensions42 x 169 x 20 mm
Operating voltage3 V DC
über Steckernetzteil
Battery2 x AAA
Protection classIP 20
Permitted ambient temp.0°C - +55°C
Assemblywall fixing
Frequency868 MHz