Plastic injection moulding

Modern machines for modern products

On more than 25 highly modern injection molding machines with central granules feeder we produce various plastic products such as caps, stoppers, housings for coilers as well as different components for our drives. On the machines of the latest generation even high-precision parts like gear wheels for drive gears can be produced.

The production on such high quality level is only possible through regular checks with special measuring equipment and in connection to the central CAQ system. With the own, efficient tool making department we ensure a fast reactivity for the production as well as for modifications or repairing of the tools.

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Fast and efficient production processes

  • Production capacity of 660,000 drives / year
  • High flexibility through lean production and one-piece flow production
  • 100% final inspection of each drive

Leading technologically the market

  • Production of >20,000 strap coilers per day
  • Interlinked automatic production machines ensure reproducible quality
  • SELVE is the world market leader in the field of "strap

Continuous quality

  • roduction of >4 million metres of octagonal shafts per year
  • Powerful profiling lines: 40 meters per minute
  • Broad product range: AF 40 / 50 / 60 / 70 in different dimensions